100 Ways to Make a Joyful Noise

Reaching more children and families in a healthy and sustainable way

“I just referred a family to you.” Scott Taylor, Director of the Conway Ministry Center, is a great ministry partner and frequently sends people our way. “They need a home for their son,” he continued, “and the first place they applied said they charge $15,000 a month for residential care. I told them to talk to Glenhaven and they could probably find a placement for closer to $3,000 a month.”

“Scott, we don’t charge for any of our services,” I replied.

“What? Really? That’s incredible! I knew you guys were great, but that’s incredible!”

This was a real conversation we had, and Scott’s response is one I hear often. One distinctive that truly sets Glenhaven apart from most: we do not charge a fee for services provided. This allows us to reach families in crisis who cannot afford $3,000 a month for residential placement, $250 for a week of summer camp, or even $30 a week for an out of school program. We believe no family should be denied for financial reasons.

But why did Scott assume that we charge? As a former program director of a residential program, he is very familiar with the kind of work we do. The reason he assumed we charge around $3,000 a month is because this is the national average cost for residential placement. Being able to provide these services without charging a fee is, as he rightly exclaimed, incredible!

So how do we do it? We have designed residential services within the Homes Of Peace & Encouragement (HOPE) program to work through the local church community. This significantly reduces the direct cost of services to an average of about $250 a month per child. This cost is currently covered through donations to our general fund—the same gifts that cover our administration expenses, such as electricity and insurance.

In 2016, we want to see HOPE reach more children and families in a healthy and sustainable way. We believe that just as no family should be denied services for financial reasons, neither should anyone  disregard the opportunity to partner with us for financial reasons. This is why we created the Psalm 100 Joyful Givers. Rooted in Psalm 100’s shouts of praise and thankfulness, this opportunity invites you to designate a monthly gift ranging from $1 to $100 for HOPE. Everybody—even children learning the value of giving—can get involved!

Here’s what makes it truly unique: once you choose the amount you want to give, that amount is reserved for you. Once all 100 gifts are reserved, it is done! And what’s the impact of that? When there are 100 people giving $1 to $100 a month, HOPE will be funded with $5000 monthly—enough to fund a loving home for 20 children. And that is incredible! Get started today at www.GlenhavenMinistries.org/Joyful-Givers. Change a family’s life, and make a joyful noise to the Lord!

Monte Jones
Associate Director