Blessings of Ministry

I have so many blessings of what I’ve seen God do in the hearts and lives of the incredible kids at Sparks Out Of School! Let me share a few with you…

When we first started last semester, I recall a particular boy who was so closed-up emotionally that he would just give you one word answers and simply walk away.  You could almost feel his anger slapping you in the face.  Yet just yesterday, he came bounding out the door, laughing and yelling ‘good bye’ to his friends, and he gave me a high-five as he passed by. As he jumped into his mom’s car, he said “See ya tomorrow Ms. Tina!”  To say my heart quietly smiled would be an understatement!

And then of course there’s the other side of the story when you go out at the end of the day to greet a parent of these precious kids, and they tell you that at the beginning of the year, their child was failing in some area (or all) of school, and now they have A’s and B’s because of help they’ve received here at Sparks.

I have never worked at a more rewarding job in my life!  I cannot think of any place I’d rather be than with these amazing children from 3:30 to 6:00 Monday through Thursday.  To watch God work in and through the lives of these children AND their families is not just a blessing, it’s ministry at its finest!  I know God put us here to help encourage and change the hearts of these amazing children, but truth be known, they’re changing mine!  If you have a passion for kids and want to volunteer an hour or more of your time during the week, we’d love to talk with you!

Tina Reifowitz
Sparks Coordinator