Breaking Barriers

I’d like to share with you a snapshot of the awesome work God is doing through Glenhaven:

One of our students in Sparks Out Of School has a mother who speaks Spanish and struggles with English. We have been able to communicate, but never truly connect with her. Last week, staff member Gina Pitts was at Sparks with her friend Camille who works as an interpreter in Spanish and sign language. What followed was a beautiful, divine appointment!

Speaking through Camille, Gina was able to connect with this mother in her heart language. The mother¬†shared how¬†she had been praying for a place that would help her son educationally as well as with his self-confidence. Gina was able to explain that our desire is to help students educationally, emotionally, and spiritually. The mother began to weep, and Gina spoke to her about her love and trust in Jesus, and how we seek to be “Jesus with skin” to these young people.

By the end of the conversation, her son had joined them, and they all circled up in prayer. Camille was initially translating Gina’s prayers into Spanish, but as this mother started praying with deep passion, she switched to translate into English. We all saw God in this moment as He provided a way to break barriers and display His love for us!

It is so rewarding to watch God work! Thank you for joining us through your prayers!

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Gina Pitts
Family Coach