Camp Supplies Wanted!

Summer camp is coming soon, and we need your help!


Our camps are not the best because of our parasailing, bungee jumping, mounted archery, or sky diving. We actually don’t do any of those. Every year, campers tell us that Central Arkansas Youth Camp is the best because of the genuine relationships and simple, raw fun that we bring!

Our games are not high tech. They are all pretty simple and straight forward. You probably have most of the supplies we need┬álying around your house! The rest you could find at Lowe’s or Dollar General.

Check out this list, share with your friends, and let us know if you can provide something simple that will make a kid’s day. Who knows, it might even change a kid’s life!

Needed Supplies for Camp

Alternately, if you’d like to donate funds for the purchase of supplies, just designate “Summer Camp” and type “Supplies” in the designation part of the Give form.

To register for camp, go to