Life on Life Mentoring

While there may be some sweeping gesture that could impact youth, such heroic efforts usually fail to reach those who are numbed by life’s disappointments. We have learned that it’s often the small, everyday interactions that shape a life. This form of mentoring has three main components: Love, Model, and Coach. Youth today are used Read more about Life on Life Mentoring[…]

Reviewing the Past, Reaching the Future

Reaching the Future Through a partnership with Deliver Hope, we will begin immediately reaching more at-risk youth and families with the gospel of Jesus Christ! Here’s a snapshot of 2017: Residential Services Homes Of Peace & Encouragement: Host families provide a safe, loving home for children while family mentors walk with their families through their Read more about Reviewing the Past, Reaching the Future[…]

How does Glenhaven reveal someone’s identity?

Who do you think you are? Your answer to this question shapes everything in your life. Imagine a 12-year-old girl whose father never knew her and mother never wanted her. Anyone she dares to trust, wounds her. Any way she tries to ask, “Am I lovely?”, is answered with spite, if at all. She earns Read more about How does Glenhaven reveal someone’s identity?[…]

Building Trust with Teens

How does Glenhaven build trust with teens? There is only one way to build healthy trust: you must be trustworthy. As one of our core values, Glenhaven demonstrates Trustworthy Care by consistently doing what is right and needed. This can be as simple as providing a healthy meal every day. It can also be as Read more about Building Trust with Teens[…]

Why bother?

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Benjamin Franklin Did you know this famous quote was originally about fire safety? It also applies to our work with families. To protect their identities, I’ll change names and blend details from a few families we have worked with recently. Michael is a 12-year-old Read more about Why bother?[…]

Why does Glenhaven invest in prevention?

The need is greater than you might think… Nearly half of Arkansas children (44%) live in homes with just one or no parents. More than one in four Arkansas children (28%) has had at least two significantly adverse experiences. (i.e. abuse, homelessness, etc.) On average, 11 children in Arkansas are placed in foster care every Read more about Why does Glenhaven invest in prevention?[…]