November 17, 2015


As a church leader, you do many things to serve the people God has entrusted to you. At Glenhaven, we share your desire to see people come to faith in Jesus Christ, to grow in their relationship with Him, and to overflow His love to others.

We believe that the Body of Christ works well when it works together.

Glenhaven does not have all the answers. Yet we believe that every answer can be found in Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. It was Jesus who commissioned the Church,

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” Matthew 28:19 (ESV)

Glenhaven’s mission is just a subset of this Great Commission. As we walk through life, we are either drawn closer to or distracted away from Jesus.

Through the Homes Of Peace & Encouragement program (HOPE), we seek to come alongside the Church and offer the structure and expertise that engages relationships and enhances discipleship among children and families in need.

Why should my church participate with Glenhaven?

  1. The Body works better together. The Church is commissioned to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Glenhaven wants to be your resource to help connect with a variety of children and families. We bring the tools, programs, and expertise to mobilize your community, build unity in the Gospel, and experience God at work!
  2. The Church is God’s chosen method. Glenhaven exists to help families thrive in communities that care, but this is impossible without the participation of the Church. Families need a local church they can call home where they receive love, nourishment, and discipleship.
  3. The harvest is ripe. Regardless of wealth, status, or race, families are desperately broken. Parents want their children to thrive, but they don’t know where to begin. The Church has the answer in Jesus Christ. Glenhaven is your point of contact.

What does it look like to participate with Glenhaven?

Every church operates a bit differently, and so Homes Of Peace & Encouragement will look a bit differently from one church to another. Taking broad strokes, HOPE flows through your community in this cycle:

  1. Your church leadership recommends people. Rather than losing your best volunteers to an outside organization, you can empower volunteers within your church, using Glenhaven’s expertise. Within your congregation are mature families who are interested in making disciples and walking alongside families who are struggling. Glenhaven can qualify and train these volunteers to be successful Family Mentors or Host Families.
  2. Families in need reach out to Glenhaven. These may be families participating in our Youth Engagement & Action efforts who have learned to trust us enough to ask for help, or often they are families who are referred to us from other local nonprofits, churches, social workers, or juvenile officers. God has positioned Glenhaven as a go-to resource for families in crisis.
  3. We sit down with families and hear their story. Our HOPE Director is specially trained and licensed to work with families to help identify the root of their struggles. Together, we create a plan for addressing these issues. This may include accessing outside resources, such as additional counseling or rehabilitation programs.
  4. In some cases, a family may need to place their children with a Host Family for a short period of time. When a healthy separation is necessary, we match the family with a Host Family, introduce them, talk through the plan, and ensure that everyone is on board with the process. We then oversee the intake, placement, and reunification. Every step of the journey, we are the first line of support for the children, parents, and Host Family. In most cases, the Host Family will continue in the role of Family Mentor after the children have been reunited with their parents.
  5. We match families with a Family Mentor. We invite the family to meet the Family Mentor, we share the plan we’ve created together, and decide if we can walk together on this path. Our HOPE Director then follows up regularly with the family, their Family Mentor, and all other parties involved to offer support and guidance, adjust the plan as needed, and maintain accountability.
  6. The Family Mentor builds meaningful relationships by walking with the family through their plan, loving and encouraging them every step of the way. Genuine connection is vital, so we encourage sharing meals together, connecting in small groups and other fellowships, and simply living real life together.
  7. Your church champions the process. Both the family in need and the Family Mentor will be surrounded by your church body, supported with nurturing love, and equipped with the Word of God. At any time, Glenhaven’s full staff and services are yours to call on!

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