Empty Nest Filled

kirk and kerryKerry and I (Kirk) are the parents of three young adult daughters. This year marks a major life change, as our youngest will graduate from college this Spring. As our nest has emptied, we have sensed not only the absence of our daughters, but a need to use our time, resources, and space… in Kingdom service.

Many are aware that Arkansas has a great need for foster parents. We have long considered how we, as Christians and Arkansans, might respond to that need. We first considered signing up with the State but were apprehensive about some things. Specifically, what if we got in over our heads?

Then we learned about the unique ministry of Glenhaven.

We learned that Glenhaven seeks to be something other than mere shelter. In fact, the goal of Glenhaven’s Homes Of Peace and Encouragement families is not long term foster-type care. We learned that the goal of the HOPE program is personal healing and family restoration. Ideally, that means young people will make it back to a healthier home and they will have found healing… in relationships, in Jesus, and through a community of loving people.

By far the biggest reason we “signed up” to be a HOPE family is that we understood we would not be doing this alone. We knew that should we hit obstacles, we had resources to call on—right then! We would be in relationship with a team of people with years of kid‑care under their belt. Should something get hairy or scary, we just had to call.

The truth is, we haven’t needed to call for the reasons we anticipated, though we did end up conferencing with Glenhaven staff about other matters. I cannot tell you how meaningful it is to be part of a ministry team. We are not alone in and through some challenges.

Thank you for your prayers and support, which make the HOPE program possible.

Kirk Jordan

Editor’s note: Kirk and Kerry Jordan are volunteering as a host family in the Homes Of Peace and Encouragement (HOPE) program. Kirk is a photographer and Kerry is an educator. They have followed the Lord’s call to open their home to provide a safe place for children to receive the care they need while their family gets help to provide a healthy home for their return. We are pleased to have the Jordans as part of the Glenhaven Ministry team!