Feeling Their Kids’ Frustration

“I don’t understand why I have to do work for this…”

BLD035439“Why can’t you just give me what I want?” This excerpt from a conversation I had the other day with a thirteen‑year-old boy is all too common. I heard a story of a man who had his teen digging post holes one summer. The boy asked, “Why can’t I just use the tractor to dig the post holes? It would be much faster.” The old man replied, “Because when the tractor digs post holes, it doesn’t learn anything.” Unfortunately, we live in a society that wants everything new, now, and they want it for free. These individuals make up families that comprise communities. The communities make up states which form our nation.

With the primary election season in full swing, we are compelled to decide who will best solve the problems this nation faces. We want to go get the tractor and fix everything. The real solution, though, lies in the community, the family, and the individual. The solution is to bring Christ into the lives of individuals, but it does not end there. They must be equipped. They must be tasked. They must be challenged. They must be connected.

At our Sparks Community Dinner in February, I brought all of the parents forward so their kids could watch them do an activity the kids had previously done. The parents were given a group task to do, and just like the kids, they failed to accomplish the assignment. Of course, it was set up to fail. I wanted them to see the frustration their kids felt when they were not equipped to handle situations they encountered. I also wanted to point out the frustrations parents and teachers have when they are not equipped to respond to situations with their kids. The value of hard work, struggle, and even failure is that we get to learn something! When we can equip a child and his parents and his teachers and others in his community, we can truly begin to bring hope to the community and even the nation.

Regeneration starts with one, equipping them to impact others, equipping others to impact more, and so on and so on. You can be a part. You can bring hope to a child, parent, teacher, an entire community. Would we dare to dream big enough to include our nation? The task is not beyond us, because our God has equipped us with all spiritual blessings. God doesn’t bless us for our sakes alone. “Just as you have received freely; freely give.” Pray. Give. Volunteer. Share.

John Cunningham
Executive Director