January 6, 2017

Hope House

Turning eighteen does not make every young person magically ready to plunge into adulthood. Even a young adult who has had the benefit of a safe home and caring family needs additional guidance about forging a path to self-sufficiency. Imagine how much more support a kid who has had to survive on the streets must need.

The Hope House provides homeless, transition-aged youth (18-21) with stable housing for up to 12 months. The Hope House assists young adults as they step from adolescence to adulthood by providing them with a comprehensive set of services along with stable housing.

These young adults come to us either after being marginally housed, couch surfing among friends or acquaintances, or from foster care settings. The majority of the Hope House residents enter our program with very few practical life skills, minimal job history or transferable skills, little to no emotional support, and are sometimes struggling with substance abuse.

The Hope House is designed to be the final step in each youth’s transition to independent living. This program both addresses a young person's immediate needs for stable housing while addressing spiritual needs as well. Through our partnership with Deliver Hope, we engage youth with the Gospel, teach them life skills, and help them develop character and healthy, life-long habits to support their independence.

The Hope House attempts to model real world situations at all possible times in order to foster the independence and life skills necessary for success when youth finish the program. Residents of the Hope House live as any young adult would, paying rent, working or training for careers, and completing their educations through GED courses or college classes. Our staff members lead optional Bible studies and model life skills such as budgeting and taking good care of themselves and their homes. By the end of their time at the Hope House, youth not only have housing and job prospects, but also community and self-determination.

Deliver Hope is a Conway-based nonprofit that shares Glenhaven's mission to "deliver the hope of Jesus Christ to at-risk youth and families no matter the circumstance." Learn more about this partner organization at www.Deliver-Hope.org.