November 17, 2015

Homes Of Peace & Encouragement

What happens when a family faces a crisis that jeopardizes the care of their children? Sometimes there are friends, neighbors, and extended family who can step in. Often, there is not. Many times, families are afraid to ask for help, knowing that state involvement may lead to the involuntary breakdown of their family.

Glenhaven represents a community who understands what it means to lose something, to feel vulnerable, and to be broken. We will enter into families’ situations with grace, mercy, and wisdom, walking with them and championing them on their path to restoration.

Read more about its foundation, including common issues families overcome through HOPE.

HOPE services include:

  • Family Mentoring– Families in crisis meet with a trained Family Mentor who walk with them through specific issues the family is facing.
  • Host Homes – Families place their children in a safe and qualified home where they can receive the care they need while we help the parents get the help they need to provide a healthy home for their children’s return.

Discover how your church can be a source of HOPE in your community!