December 11, 2015

Glenhaven’s Legacy

Our Mission

is to help families thrive in communities that care.

Our Vision

is intentional and effective communities that engage the Gospel, love their neighbor, and make disciples among isolated families within their own city.

Our Values

are the guiding force in our pursuit:

  • Long-suffering grace: lovingly accepting others exactly as they are.
  • Trustworthy care: consistently doing what is right and needed.
  • Sacrificial attitude: humbly placing others’ needs before our own.
  • Confident assurance: absolutely relying on God to complete His work of redemption.

Our Story

It started with a dream…


Glenn Cunningham

In 1984, Jody and Cindy Brown had a dream of helping troubled youth…

Jody was inspired by the story of Glenn Cunningham—the “Iron Man of Kansas” who overcame extreme injuries to his legs in a horrific schoolhouse fire. Glenn went on to break the world record and then win the silver medal for the mile run in the 1936 Olympics. But Glenn’s greatest accomplishment came after his running career. When he would tour the country as an inspirational speaker, people would approach Glenn and ask him how to help the “troubled youngsters” of their generation. This became Glenn’s life mission. Over the next five decades, Glenn and his wife Ruth had taken over 8,000 troubled kids into their home.

After meeting an elderly Glenn at one of his talks, Jody shared with Glenn his dream of helping troubled youth. The idea gained traction, and Jody purchased from Glenn the property in Arkansas where he had worked with his “youngsters.” Soon, Jody began to take in boys and girls from broken and troubled homes. To honor Glenn Cunningham’s work with at-risk children, Jody decided to name the new venture Glenhaven in 1985.

After 30 years as a successful youth ranch, we had cared for hundreds of youth, many of whom now have families of their own. Yet still the brokenness among children and families continued exponentially. Then in 2015, God placed a burden in our hearts and opened doors in the community for Glenhaven to make a tremendous transition.

Rather than caring for youth in a residential facility tucked away in the forest, we could offer a variety of programs in the communities where the families live. Through residential and community services, we equip the Church with tools, structure, and expertise to meet the needs of families. We believe that by operating through the local church community, we can reach more families in more ways than ever before. Truly, we will be able to catalyze communities where children and families can thrive.

2016 continues this amazing faith journey. Our story is not about us. It’s not even about the families we serve. Ultimately, it is about Jesus Christ. We follow His leading and move at the speed of grace!

Why did Glenhaven move to Conway?

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