Ministry Snapshot

It was short notice …

Gina called me the other morning with a request. A juvenile officer in a northern Arkansas county had called her asking for help for a family at wits’ end with their fifteen-year-old. Gina wanted to know if she could go up that day to speak to them. It was short notice and other duties would have to be rescheduled, or someone else would need to cover them. “By all means, go!” I said. Gina spent the day with the family of the teen. She was able to listen to them describe the situation, help them see some of the underlying issues they were unaware of, and provide some simple suggestions and strategies that would help. A few days later she received a thank you note from the family for giving them hope in what they had viewed as a hopeless situation.

While this scenario played out, another problem came into view. A seventeen-year-old was trying to keep a promise to her grandfather to graduate high school, something he never did. Her situation is difficult, as she was placed in our host home program toward the end of last semester. We met with this young lady, her host mom, and her grandmother to come up with a plan to provide success with her studies in place of constant failure. Working together, we are seeking ways to come alongside her, providing opportunities for growth by creating achievable goals to reach the ultimate goal of graduating.

All the while, we are seeing growth in the students at our after school program. One thirteen-year-old boy has wrestled with challenges, struggles, and loss, which are significant for someone of his age. By engaging with his family, providing guidance, and responding with real solutions to the problems he is facing, we are seeing him begin to show more responsibility, positive behavior, and a desire to improve.

Whether as a family coach, a host parent, or after school facilitator, we are seeing the fruit of bringing Christ into the lives of the hurting. We are grateful for all the prayers, encouragement, and support that give us the ability to share the love of Christ with those who oftentimes feel unloved and even unlovable. We want you to be a part of this work in whatever way you can. You can give, pray, volunteer, or even share about the work that God is doing through Glenhaven. Come join us today!

John Cunningham
Executive Director