Passing the Mantle of Glenhaven’s Leadership

John CunninghamFor the past seventeen years, God has given Lori and me a unique opportunity to see and be a part of his mission; to know him and to make him known. We have been blessed by so many of you. We have stood on mountaintops and walked through darkest valleys. One constant has been the presence of God made evident through his body the Church. Our desire, like yours, is to hear, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

We have sought for several years for Glenhaven to be more effective and more efficient. Not in a worldly sense, but instead to transition from being a community of its own to being a part of a greater community. “As you go into the world, preach the gospel…” When we began this transition in October 2014, I announced one of my goals was to groom my replacement who would continue in this vision. Today, I am happy to do just that. As I step down, Monte Jones will step into the role of Executive Director. It is with great joy that we make this transition. Over the past several years, Monte has been a right hand for me. The many administrative skills that I have lacked have been filled by him. Monte has been teachable and continues to grow.

I will remain in a part-time position for a brief time in order to help make this transition successful. I will be enough removed for Monte to establish authority and yet be available to help when needed. Like many of you, I have a deep love for Glenhaven and an excitement to see the plans God has for this ministry in the future.

Each Director has shaped Glenhaven in unique ways, growing the ministry and shaping it as God has directed. Each one has added his own unique gifts. Like every one of you, Glenhaven is unique. Great care has been taken to see that the ministry is untangled from government funds. We have worked hard to spend less and do more. Soon we expect God will provide the resources for Glenhaven to be debt free for the first time in over thirty years. We hope that you will be a part of this.

More importantly, God is touching lives. The gospel is preached. Disciples are made. Just last week a former resident asked me how he and his wife could serve. How great is our God! I ask you now to do as I do. Pray for the ministry. Give and volunteer as God directs. Share the good news. Our God is at work!