Success at Sparks!

man-person-street-sidewalk-largeThree weeks into Sparks Out of School, I have already had an amazing chance to connect and gain the trust of the kids and their parents participating in this program. One of my highlights so far was helping one of the boys with his science homework.  He was struggling and really didn’t understand what he was doing. After sitting down with him and going over the details of the first two problems, not only did he finish his science homework before he left that day, but he also finished it without my help.

Since that day he talks to me more about everything that goes on with him at school. I even have a great relationship with both of his parents. They let me know what he needs help with, and we discuss his scores on previous tests. I feel that with this student continuing in this program, Sparks can help him thrive academically while also helping him with self regulation, self discipline, but most importantly helping him find his spark inside and outside of the classroom. I’m excited to see the growth of each child as we continue through the year and grow more with each other.

For some youth, you may be the only trustworthy person in their life. How can you connect with them, care for them, and help them thrive in a healthy, meaningful relationship?

Your gift makes a difference!

Archie Kern
Sparks Coordinator