December 11, 2015

Thousand Hills

His cattle for His kingdom…

Significant return for ministry through the sacrificial service of cattlemen!

The Thousand Hills program allows everyday folk to join cattle ranchers in supporting the mission at Glenhaven. Glenhaven-owned cows are placed on cattlemen’s land and entrusted to their care. When the cow has its calf, the cattleman sells it and arranges for the sale barn to send the check directly to Glenhaven. By continuing to care for cows, ranchers participate in the care of children, helping them find hope and healing in Jesus Christ.

Sample Return on Investment:

Cow is donated by rancher or purchased with designated funds.

Initial Investment: $1,200

Each year, the cow’s calf is sold with proceeds sent to Glenhaven for work with children and families.

Annual Return: $800
Total After 3 Years: $2,400
Total After 10 Years: $8,000

Our goal is to partner with cattlemen to maintain a herd of 300 cows within their herds. Through the service and sacrifice of cattlemen, Glenhaven would realize $240,000 each year to invest in children and families in crisis!

“If a farmer looks at this, it’s costing him nothing. There’s no risk. By me taking care of a couple cows from Glenhaven, I’m giving a child a chance he would not have.” Ted McClenning, Arkansas cattleman of 15 years

There are three ways to get involved:

Plan A (Everyone can participate)

Donate funds designated for the purchase of a cow to be placed in a cattlemen’s herd. The donor receives a tax deductible receipt, while the care for the cow and calf until sale are tax deductible for the cattleman.

Plan B

The cattleman donates a cow from his herd and continues to provide for its care. The donation of the cow, as well as the care for the cow and calf until sale are tax deductible for the cattleman.

Plan C

The cattleman designates a cow from his herd, maintaining ownership and care. Each year, the cattleman sends a check to Glenhaven from the sale of the calf and receives a tax deductible receipt.

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