Why does Glenhaven invest in prevention?

The need is greater than you might think…

  • Nearly half of Arkansas children (44%) live in homes with just one or no parents.
  • More than one in four Arkansas children (28%) has had at least two significantly adverse experiences. (i.e. abuse, homelessness, etc.)
  • On average, 11 children in Arkansas are placed in foster care every day.

What are we trying to prevent?

At an alarming rate, families are unable to care for their children. We see the fruit of this when families are split apart by interventions from the State, such as foster care or juvenile justice. We can prevent this, but for prevention to work, it must be both desired and available. With very few exceptions, parents want to care for their children. Yet they can only do what they know, and then fear and failure drive them into isolation. So when Glenhaven connects with families through our HOPE and CARE programs, we demonstrate that we are trustworthy and nonjudgmental. Only then do families discover that the restoration they desire is also available to them!


Before we can offer HOPE services, we need to establish a support base for the program.
The total cost of HOPE is about $6,000/month.
This would resource the Church to connect with hundreds of families in need.