January 6, 2017

Youth Mentoring

Today, in America, there are more than 14 million youth under 18 who are defined as “at risk” (of not reaching a productive adulthood). They face a relentless assault of negative influences which often result in drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, poor academic performance, violence, even death.

Through a partnership with Deliver Hope, our mentor program provides the opportunity for adults from our community to be matched with young people who need or want a caring, responsible adult in their lives.

Every child should have the opportunity, confidence, character, and support needed to lead a safe, healthy, and productive life. They have a right to expect a fair chance to develop their talents and apply their energies in order to successfully contribute to society. However, their communities are bereft of role models.

One source indicated that 44% of male youth in Faulkner County do not have a positive male figure in their lives. Studies consistently show that the best hope for young people comes from mentoring. If you’d like to start making a difference in the life of a young person, get involved with Glenhaven and Deliver Hope as a mentor!


Deliver Hope is a Conway-based nonprofit that shares Glenhaven's mission to "deliver the hope of Jesus Christ to at-risk youth and families no matter the circumstance." Learn more about this partner organization at www.Deliver-Hope.org.